Networking For Young Adults & Seniors

Sharing Knowlege Is Our Mission


Career Coaching & Networking For High-School & College Students

We offer tutoring, job shadowing, school and career preparation, and guidance for high-school and college aged students. Professional Networking and Career Advising: Since many of our volunteers are professionals in the fields of engineering, dentistry, medicine, social services, etc., we have a unique opportunity to provide valuable resources for networking and career advising for the members of our Community..

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We create a welcoming space for our seniors to socialize.

Senior Outreach Program & Support

Our network of volunteers meets 1:1 with seniors throughout the community to check on their health and wellness, as well as:

• Help them stay connected to the community despite COVID

• Help them attend doctor’s appointments

• Help translate at appointments

• Help moving things around the home

• And other general help.

We host special events during the holidays to create a sense of community and wellness.

Our Trusted Partners


Together, We Can Build A Stronger Community.

Established in 1992, The Vietnamese Community of Clark County was
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